Fall Series: Holy Sojourners (1 Peter) "The Life of Peter"

09/12/2021 - By Announcements

When studying a book of the Bible, it’s natural to ask the question, “How does it relate to me today?” When you think about first Peter, you could ask yourself these questions -

  • “Have I ever felt like I have suffered unjustly?”
  • "Have I wrestled with the way I should deal with an ungodly government and government leaders?”
  • “Have I ever questioned my true identity in Christ, and lost sight of what Jesus has done for me?”
  • "How do I deal with my anxiety and fears?”
  • “Why does it seem like Satan always gets the best of me?”
  • “Am I truly able to defend my faith in Jesus Christ, without coming across as ‘preachy’, defensive or judgmental?”
  • “What should my relationship look like with other believers?”

These are just a few questions that can be answered by 1 Peter, and will be addressed over the next few months as we dig deeper into each verse and section of the letter.

Click here to watch a great video summary of 1 Peter by the Bible Project.