Summer Series

07/15/2021 - By Announcements

The Summer Series is called, “Know What You Believe” and is designed to help believers know how to defend their faith in a rapidly changing culture that is growing more hostile towards Christianity.

Topics include:

  • "Understanding Spiritual Gifts, the Holy Spirit"
  • "Origin - Where did we come from?"
  • "Meaning - What is my purpose? Why Am I Here?”
  • “Morality - Who decides what is right and wrong?”
  • “Destiny - What happens to me when I die?”
  • “The Bible - Who wrote it? Why should I believe what it says?”
  • “The Church”

You may be thinking, “I already know all of this stuff!” But have you tried to explain it to someone who rejects God, has a negative view of Christians and the Church, and has no spiritual background? It’s not easy!!

Our hope is that through this series of messages, you will be better equipped to share and defend your faith with humility and confidence.