06/20/2020 - By Pastor Todd Nathan

I am grateful to all of those who have helped us the past two weeks prepare our building and work out specific details so that everyone can enjoy worshipping together safely. We have been learning as a church what it means to be a "church without walls" and remain committed to bringing glory to God by helping people grow deeper in their faith and reach their world with the gospel of hope! Our hope is that over the next few weeks we will be able to expand the number of people allowed in the auditorium, or add a second service to accommodate more people. For now, we will keep things simple and manageable especially since it is the Summer and many will be away.

High risk individuals as defined by the CDC guidelines are strongly advised to stay home and watch our service online. We also recognize that some of you may not be comfortable gathering at this time. We understand and would encourage you to join us online as well.

Go to to watch us live at 9:30 am, or click here EFCB VIDEO. A recording of the service will also be available after the Worship Service is over.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The Worship Service will be about 1 hour.
  • There is no nursery or children's programs available. Children who attend will be seated with their parents.
  • Giving can be done online at, by mailing a check to the church, or by dropping a check in the giving box located just inside the door.
  • There is a maximum of 100 seats available inside the Auditorium. This is in accordance with CDC guidelines and Governor Murphy's requirements. Families will be able to sit together.
  • An outdoor overflow area will be available with speakers so you can listen to the Worship Service. Hosts will be in the outdoor area to greet you, pray with you and make sure you feel connected to what is happening that morning.
  • We will be social distancing both inside the building and in the outdoor overflow area as required by Governor Murphy and CDC guidelines for churches.
  • Masks must be worn inside the building.
  • Masks are encouraged, but not required for the outdoor overflow area. We will have masks available for this who need them. Children 3 or younger are not required to wear a mask.
  • Bathrooms are available, but there is a limit to the number of people in the bathroom at one time.
  • Parking lot attendants will greet you and make sure you know where to park. They will also answer any questions you may have about seating.
  • Ushers will seat you in the auditorium so that social distancing is maintained. Once the 50 maximum is reached, people will be asked to sit in the outdoor overflow area.
  • We will have windows and doors open at all times, and the auditorium temperature will be set at a comfortable level.
  • Dress comfortable and relaxed, especially if you choose to sit outdoors.
  • The building will be cleaned and disinfected after the Worship Service.
  • Touchless Purell stations are on backorder and will be available around July 12th when our order is filled. In the meantime, please bring your own hand sanitizer. We will have smaller containers of purell available.

Click here for a simple summary of the guidelines

CDC Guidelines for Churches