Encouragement from Psalm 119 - Day 1

04/13/2020 - By Jesse Roman

Hello Blairstown E-free Church family! Rebeccah, Juliet and I say hello. I hope you are all well. I feel humbled and privileged to have the opportunity to lead you in God's word during this time.

Introduction: Where We are Going

This is a five-day devotional that is going to explore how God works to transform our hearts to be more like Christ. It will seek to demonstrate that praying Scripture is essential for our hearts to be transformed.

On day (1), we are going to start with discussing1 Peter 3:15 and how it guides us in how we can be a witness during this time of crisis. We must share our hearts.

On Day (2), we will introduce David as a man after God's own heart, introduce Psalm 119 as a Psalm that shows his heart, and examine what what scripture says about our hearts...Our hearts are very needy.

On Day (3), we will examine that David's prayers in Psalm 119 reveal his heart and that they show us how much we need God to transform our hearts. This will convict us, but should also excite us for how God desires our hearts to be...Our hearts need God to transform them.

On Day (4), we will go through a suggested 8 Steps For Praying David's Hard Prayers which will include key things such as confession, but also faith and rejoicing...Prayer: Our hearts expressing our neediness to God.

On Day (5), we will focus on where we ended in day 4, and talk about having hopeful hearts that rejoice in Jesus. This day will be all about rejoicing with our hearts in Jesus and the Gospel. Our hearts should rejoice always in Jesus: He is the Hope of our needy hearts.

Click here to read our lesson for Day 1.