Encouragement in the Journey #7

03/25/2020 - By Suzanne Brownlee

Hi. Church Family,

I hope you are well and smiling.

What has gotten my attention is remembering we are in a season of Lent--a time to reflect on the life and sacrifice of Jesus, for us all.

Does He have your attention? He has mine for sure.

Reflecting on the somberness of His walk to Calvary. I am also reminded of his miracles to so many. He didn't select the rich, or well educated, or of high regard. He chose, most times, simple sinners, the brokendown, the sick, the rejected, the lonely forgotten people just like us. God has no favorites (John 6:40).

I've deeply been convicted especially during this solitude time to pray over the lost, infirmed, those on the battlefield of life and wonder how I can be a brighter light to everyone in my path. I'm reminded time is precious and to use it wisely.

To be a good and faithful servant it will cost me something and to be kind to everyone. After all, Jesus sees into our heart--so I should see through His eyes--to all.

Remember to carry one another's burdens (Like 7:13-15) and trust and give thanks in all things. (Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Let's lift each other to our Lord and pray, this is our weapon over fear. (Psalm 119:105 "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.")

God bless you and I pray we will remain faithful.

In Love, with hugs,