The Discipline of the Lord

03/12/2020 - By Pastor Todd Nathan

This may sound like a crazy, invasive question but, "How are you doing in your struggle against sin?" Are you experiencing victory, or do you keep committing the same sin over and over again?

Are you still in the race of faith God has given you to run? Have you grown weary or fatigued? Are you lacking endurance? Are you ready to give up?

Brokenness is not only a result of the challenges we face in life, but it also is a result of our struggle with sin. God's solution is simple - He lovingly disciplines us so that we can build endurance for the race we are running, experience victory over sin, and walk in His holiness!

The Jewish believers who received the Letter of Hebrews were facing great persecution and hardship (Hebrews 10:32-36). The writer reminds them of the many OT Saints who exemplified great faith, and challenged them to follow their example!

The Writer went on to remind the Jewish believers to fix their eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2), consider Jesus and what He has done in His own struggle against sin (Hebrews 12:3), and remember the loving discipline of the Lord (Hebrews 12:5-11).