Rebuilding Trust

03/05/2020 - By Pastor Todd Nathan

At some point in your life, inevitably trust has been broken. By your actions or by someone else's. When trust is broken in a relationship, self-protective walls are often built, people struggle to forgive, it's hard to think the best and assume the best about the person, especially if they have broken trust over and over again.

Restoring the relationship may seem like an impossibility because of deep wounds and hurts. So what do you do? Can trust be rebuilt? What does the Bible have to say about rebuilding trust? What steps are necessary for a person to take who genuinely wants to be right and have trust restored? This will be a very sensitive subject for some of you who have been hurt deeply by a person who has broken trust, not just once but over and over again!

I want you to know there's hope and healing through Jesus Christ. But it will take time, perseverance and an openness to God's work in your life and the one who has broken trust. If you were the one who has broken trust, don’t give up. Be faithful to the process and humble. Be teachable and willingly accountable.