Helpful tips for taking a spiritual retreat

01/28/2020 - By Pastor Todd Nathan

Find a "desolate" place where there are limited distractions.

Decide in advance how much time you want to spend but be flexible. Stay with it. Don't call it quits early because you feel satisfied, refreshed and renewed, or "got your answer"?

Let your closest friends know so they are praying for you while you are on the retreat.

Ask yourself - What specific questions do I have for God? What do I desire Him to do? What is on my hert most that I need His wisdom? What big decision(s) do I have to make? Maybe, you just want want to be in His presence with no agenda or desires in mind.

Consider fasting throughout the time so you can focus even more intentionally on God.

Bring your Bible and a journal (if you like Journaling). You can use your phone but don't let yourself be distracted by it!!

Practice the spiritual disciplines of "Being Still" (Psalm 46:10), "Waiting Patiently" (Psalm 62:1-2, 5-8) and "Listening to the Holy Spirit's leading".

Take a risk - don't simply say, "Taking a spiritual retreat is just not for me. I'm not that spiritual. I don't even know what I would do ". Start with an hour and work towards a half day retreat. Or, consider taking a spiritual retreat with someone else. Jesus often prayed with His friends!