Student's Ministry

School Year Meetings

Junior High & Senior High

Grades 5-12
Sunday Nights @ EFCB

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic and for the safety of our students and leaders, we have decided to change our regular meeting times and limit our meetings to one hour. We made our curriculum highly media driven this year, this way, if we had to transition to a distance learning format (as we did in March), we would have no difficulty in continuing our studies.

We will be conducting an Old Testament Survey in which students will discover the roots of Christianity, witness the love God bestowed on the people of Israel despite being prone to wander, and we will attempt to bridge the gap between the Old and New Testament as we see how the lessons in the Old Testament connect to what we read in the New Testament. All lessons will be available on our Ignite Student Ministries website along with Covid-19 guidelines and practices.

Summer Meetings

  • Pool Parties (Swim and Studies)
  • BBQs
  • Mission Trips
  • Game Nights
  • Movie Nights

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